Whether your vehicle is a garage queen or an off-road machine it is exposed to dangers everywhere.  

Swirls.  Scratches.  Contamination.


Swirls are tiny scratches that (tend to) appear in circular motions.  These are normally caused by poor washing techniques.
Scratches are larger scratches that can be felt. This drastically affect the shine of your paint. They are also great at holding on to bits of road grime that doesn’t come out during a “normal” wash at the local drive-thru tunnel.
Contamination is anything that is embedded in your paint. Dirt, iron particles, and more can work its way into your clearcoat. This causes the paint to feel rough and can even cause tiny rust spots.

Clean.  Shine.  Protect

Clean. CSP Details takes great care to properly clean any contaminates from the surface of your vehicle to prevent further damage.
Shine. Removing contaminates and polishing defects allows your paint to shine like it’s supposed to.
Protect. A quality wax enhances the shine while providing UV protection and a sacrificial barrier to protect the paint from damage and contaminants.


CSP Details has you covered!  We carefully wash and decontaminate your vehicle (Wash & Protect) and offer you options to fit your need and budget.  We’ll remove all swirls and scratches using up-to-date compounds and polishes to restore your paints shine.  After the defects are removed we’ll apply a quality wax/sealant to enhance that shine and renew the paint’s protection.

Unsure of what package you need?  Don’t worry, contact us today and we’ll help you find the services you need!

Restore & Renew

Enhance & Shine

Our Enhance & Shine is best for well maintained or newer vehicles.  Our one-step correction with an all-in-one polish/cleaner will most light paint defects such as swirls, water spots, and light scratches.

  • Includes Wash & Protect Package
  • Remove Light Paint Defects
  • Restore Optimal Shine
  • 1 Step:
    • All-In-One Polish/Cleaner polishes/cleans your paint while leaving a high quality sealant behind.

Starting at $150*

Restore & Shine

Our Restore & Shine package is ideal for less maintained or older vehicles that are regularly driven.  We utilize a polish to remove light to medium defects before sealing it all in with a quality wax.

  • Includes Wash & Protect Package
  • Removes Light to Medium Defects to Restore Your Paint
  • Spray Wax Upgraded to Quality Wax/Sealant
  • 2 Steps:
    • Polish
    • Wax

Starting at $275*

Renew & Shine

Our Renew & Shine package is our most thorough package for the most severe conditions.  After safely washing the paint we begin with a compound and follow with a finer polish.  A quality wax is then applied to protect the paint and lock in the shine.

  • Includes Wash & Protect Package
  • Removed Medium to Severe Defects to Renew Your Paint
  • Spray Wax Upgraded to Quality Wax/Sealant
  • 3 Steps:
    • Compound
    • Polish
    • Wax

Starting at $400*

*All prices are estimated starting prices and are subject to change.  After evaluation of paint condition and a consultation with the customer a final price will be established.  For more information regarding pricing Contact Us.